Our Love of Rose Gold October 15, 2015 15:41

As you've probably noticed we're a bit in love with rose gold here at Applepear Jewelry. It's one of our favorite materials to use in our designs.
It's a metal that is often less available and rare in jewelry, so it always maintains a certain appeal of uniqueness. The wearer of rose gold will always be sure to stand out a bit. Rose gold acquires its blush tone from copper, which is combined with yellow gold to create an alloy. The resulting color of the alloy is very subtle when worn - its pink tone more discreet than traditional yellow or white gold. We find it to be extremely flattering for all skin tones.
Rose gold was originally created in Russia in the 19th century and then spread throughout the world. In 1924 Cartier created his famous "Trinity" ring - three intertwined bands of rose, yellow, and white gold - and the metal suddenly became popular in America. Since then the trend of rose gold has fluctuated throughout the years. This has partially been due to the end of the art deco era, and the availability of certain metals in WWII, yet despite its ups and downs rose gold has always been a special material for jewelers to work with.
With its flattering coloring and vintage appeal rose gold always wows. If you've never tried it on we think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do.
All About Why We Love Rose Gold JewelryAll About Why We Love Rose Gold JewelryAll About Why We Love Rose Gold Jewelry