August is National Breastfeeding Month August 5, 2015 08:00

As many of you may already know, supporting mother's who breastfeed is dear to our heart's at Applepear. In March we released our Breastfeeding Support Necklaces as a way of spreading a sense of community amongst nursing mothers, as well as to raise funds for the International Lactation Consultant Association ( Breastfeeding is such an amazing bonding experience, and offers a long list of health benefits for child development.

"I loved breastfeeding my two daughters.  The first month with the first daughter was REALLY rocky.  There was a lot of crying (both her and me).  I wouldn’t have made it through that tough time without my husband, some awesome lactation consultants, and some supportive groups."

- Applepear Owner and Designer, Priscilla Carreon

During the month of August we encourage you to learn more about breastfeeding, to do something to help the busy moms in your life who are breastfeeding, or simply show your support and encourage them. It takes a village!