Why I Love Custom Orders April 9, 2015 17:04

I love making people's jewelry dreams (or may times just a vague idea) into a glittering reality.

I once had a bride tell me she liked my Duet Necklace, but wanted something dangling in the back because she had a backless wedding dress.  I did a little sketch, and included some pictures of the materials.  She wanted to confer with her maid of honor and mom before making the final decision.  I guess they had unanimously loved it because a couple of days later, the maid of honor contacted me to purchase the necklace for her friend as a birthday present!

I have a regular customer who often gives me very open ended requests for her custom orders because she's already familiar with my work, and I'm familiar with her taste.  She requested  some "rectangle earrings with all turquoise beads."  I knew by turquoise, she meant some mint green Swarovski crystals I've used before.    It was so fun to take her fairly undefined requirements and turn them into a tangible, wearable work of art!

There are few things more exiting to me than hear someone squeal in delight the first time they put something on that I have designed and created.  It's why I keep doing this!